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IT Support Outsourcing

Outsourcing your IT management will reduce the time and money spent on your infrastructure and operations so you can dedicate more resources to business growth.

The point of IT Outsourcing is to get the best and latest technology and service at a reduced cost. If your company requires IT expertise but cannot afford one or your budget cannot be allocated to your IT, then it is best recommended to outsource it.

IT Outsourcing

Why You Need IT Outsourcing?

Note that outsourced IT services are not just break/fix services. A break/fix technician comes to you when something is broken, charging an hourly fee to diagnose and fix the problem. A break/fix service might seem less expensive since you only pay when you have a problem, but it’s likely to be more costly in the long run. They have little to no incentive to work quickly or make a stable fix since they get paid more if it takes them a long time or multiple trips to repair something.

What IT Solutions Can You Outsource?

Network Security

One of the most significant benefits of outsourced IT services is the security protections. When you hire an MSP, you have ensured network security against cyber attacks. In the worlds of computing and e-commerce, nothing can be more damaging than a breach to your system’s security. Offsite IT companies specialize in this area and are always up-to-date on the latest security measures, always staying ahead of the parties that wish to attack. With Bee System, you get the following security benefits:

  • Perpetual monitoring and system reports
  • Maintenance notifications and security alerts
  • Proactive breach prevention

Network Implementation and Maintenance

For most SMBs, the tasks involved with the implementation and update of system programs can be time-consuming and confusing. With an Bee System at your service, you can avoid these distractions and focus on business as usual. IT Outsourcing specialize in the implementation of computing and mobile networks and the integration of software programs. Managed service providers handle these sorts of tasks on a daily basis and can implement programs in just a fraction of the time it would take to achieve in-house.

Troubleshooting Support

When issues do arise on-site, IT Outsourcing will walk your staff through the trouble at hand. Whether the issue involves confusion over a system update or problems with network synchronization, your team will have access to support from IT experts who know how to solve each and every computing issue that could arise.

System and File Backup

Most of today’s larger companies have moved their files onto cloud storage for guaranteed backup regardless of local hard drive or server failure. Due to the convenience of cloud storage, many SMBs are now following suit. With everything backed up on a cloud, all of your digital files will exist for as long as you need them.