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Protect your corporate network
As enterprises adopt the latest IT technologies, such as mobility and cloud computing, traditional network perimeters have become more complex to control and secure. With the many different ways to enter corporate networks today, advanced threats once take advantage of a flat and open network. Fortinet solution is a new model of firewall – the Internal Network Firewall (INFW) – that sits at strategic points within the internal network. Internal firewalls add an extra level of security to protect critical internal data/assets in the event threats do not cross the perimeter.

What is recommended

  •   Visibility from the inside out
  •   Split inside
  •   Easy to deploy and manage

Enhanced visibility within the ATP cycle

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) play a key role in the continual cycle of advanced threat protection of prevention, detection, and mitigation, by blocking known threats and passing off unknown high-risk items to a sandbox for detection. However, because most NGFWs are traditionally deployed on external gateways, a subset of this malicious activity is seen during ingress and egress. FortiGate deployed as an INFW provides enhanced visibility across the internal network to prevent and detect lateral actions, where hackers attempt to locate assets and value data and spread it from compromised hosts to others.

What is Fortinet firewall?

Fortinet’s FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provide organizations supreme protection against web-based network threats, including known and unknown threats and intrusion strategies. Deployed on-premise, through virtual hardware, or in the cloud, FortiGate firewalls seamlessly integrate with FortiGuard Labs security services to extend and strengthen an enterprise’s overall security efforts from network edge to core.

FortiGuard Antivirus – Available with all FortiGate NGFWs, FortiGuard Antivirus is an enterprise antivirus solution purpose-built to shield company networks and employee devices from the latest and most advanced malware, viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats. FortiGuard Antivirus leverages proactive security technologies and hourly updates to ensure advanced threats are immediately detected and quarantined.

FortiGuard IPS – FortiGate NGFWs provide organizations with intrusion protection capabilities through the FortiGuard IPS service. Able to detect zero-day attacks, ransomware, advanced malware, and other malicious threats, FortiGuard IPS allows security teams to quickly detect and block network intrusions before any significant damage or data exfiltration occurs.

FortiGuard Application Control – The FortiGuard Application Control service available through Fortinet firewalls allow companies to easily control application usage and meet compliance requirements while also improving their overall security posture. FortiGuard Application Control also provides users with real-time visibility into all applications running on the network as well as usage trends over time.

FortiGuard Web Filtering – Available through any FortiGate NGFW, the FortiGuard Web Filtering service protects organizations and company employees from accessing malicious web content or suspicious websites that could put the company network at risk. Organizations can automatically block high-risk web content to ensure no malicious downloads can be initiated and/or transferred to a company device.

Applicable object/application situation:

  1. Enterprise users and government units who have information security protection and audit needs
  2. Information Provider (ICP)
  3. Providers of electronic transactions, such as electronic commerce (EC), EDI, etc.
  4. Application system provider


  •   Continuous inside-out defense against advanced threats
  •   Deployment in transparent mode without network reconfiguration easy default

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