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What Is Cabling Management ?

Cable Management is used to describe the way cabling is routed, organized, and supported. This involves organizing your cabling and connectivity hardware in a way that makes it easy to identify components and troubleshoot problems. This makes future upgrades and repairs easier while keeping your IT spaces professional.

Cabling Management

Server rack cable management — high tech, high demand

It’s easy to understand why Cabling Management gets overlooked. Often hidden away, cable bundles don’t attract attention … unless there’s a problem. Which, if there is, may be because they look like this:

Said plainly, the term hot mess should NEVER describe your network cable management strategy. Rather, Cabling Management should be part of your installation process, not something you do when cables start looking messy. Figuring out WHY we need organization and HOW to improve it is a great place to start.

Here's Why

Safety is always a priority and proper Cabling Management is no different. Besides looking unsightly, a tangled bunch of cables in a server room can jeopardize a network. Outages, downed systems, data transmission errors — even overheating or fires can occur with power cables. This not only leads to injury but oftentimes can cause damage to a cable or associated equipment, which leads to downtime, which leads to lost productivity…

Increased Product Life

Saggy cables fail more quickly than cables that are adequately supported by guides, ties, or mounts. Pulling, tugging, and detangling cables take a toll on even wires that begin strong. Professional cable management keeps your cables as straight as possible, only bending them in the gentlest way. This preserves the lifespan of your cables.

Professionalism and Tidiness

Neatness counts, especially when you are running a business. Using professional cable management to organize your wired networks increases the tidy and professional appearance of your workspace. Additionally, organized cables make cleaning around the equipment easier, which keeps your cables dust-free and looking new.

Troubleshooting Efficiency

Keeping cables separated makes spotting problems much more efficient. Rather than spending hours tracing the course of a cable to find its connection, managed cables are neat, sorted, and labeled. This organization facilitates troubleshooting, upgrades, replacements, and repairs.

Increased Safety

One of the most fundamental benefits of cable management is increased safety. A tangled mess of cables lying on the floor or hanging off racks is a trip hazard to anyone who needs to maneuver around the cables to connect or reconfigure hookups. Additionally, tangled cords can overheat or spark and start a fire.

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