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Bee System Security Solution is aware of the threats and risks faced by individuals and corporations in the current environment and is proud to offer an extensive range of tailored solutions and professional security services.

We realize no two customers are the same and work closely with our clients on an individual basis to recognize the unique aspects of their operation and tailor our services to confirm to those specific needs. Bee System delivers customized Security Solution for our clients and continuously explores new solutions that ultimately offer even better quality and security

Customized Security Solution to Meet Your Needs

  • Remote Guarding
  • Electronic Security
  • Firewall Solution

Remote Guarding

When you have  Remote Guarding services managed by Bee System, incidents are acted upon in real-time and trouble can be deterred before it happens. The combination of smart technology, highly-trained remote security guards and our remote security services expertise creates unprecedented efficiency.

Remote Guarding Solutions Include:

  • Remote Perimeter Protection
  • Remote Entry/Exit Management
  • Remote Alarm Verification

Electronic Security

CCTV Systems

Keep an eye on people, products, and potential intruders with indoor and outdoor security cameras you can monitor no matter where you are.

Alarm System

Monitor entry points, whether you’re at work or away, with alarms and notifications sent straight to your mobile device.

App control

With a mobile device, remotely control your business from anywhere. And always know your building is secure with doors that lock automatically.

Professional installation

Smart Pros install everything for you, ensure all devices work seamlessly, and show you how to use your system.

Firewall Solution

An integrated threat defense

To secure your network, you need an integrated defense that uses threat-centric hardware and software. They work together seamlessly across the network and are managed from a single interface.

Together they form a powerful lineup of hardware and software that neutralizes cyberthreats. You gain protection before, during, and after an attack.

Comprehensive network visibility

To properly manage an integrated threat defense, your central console must give you complete visibility.

You have three options for firewall management: on-box, centralized, or cloud based (for policy management only). For a small business, on-box and centralized management are most convenient. If you need to manage only one device, on-box makes the most sense. If you have multiple firewalls deployed, centralized management is the best option.

Whatever the case, you must be able to see the users, devices, threats, and vulnerabilities within your network.

Less complexity and cost

Although next-generation firewalls have become more sophisticated, they can easily fit into a small business IT budget. Next-generation firewalls reduce complexity and cost by consolidating multiple layers of defense. In addition, next-generation firewalls automate routine security tasks and deliver robust, consistent security at scale.

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