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Why you need Server Installation & Configuration

As your business grows and you take on more employees, the time will come where you need a server to keep your office network and business running efficiently. Considering your server is the backbone of your business or organization, your server security should be of utmost importance as a consideration in the long-term plan for both protection and efficient operations.

Server Installation and Management

Our Server Installation & Configuration Services

Our server installation & configuration services include the following:

  • Server room set up, including server racks, server installation, and connection
  • Wireless and wired installation and set up
  • Coordination of IT relocation and re-setup in the new location

A Complete Solution Whatever Your Requiremen

Server Installation & Configuration

Tidy and beautiful, easy to manage

We will use patching cables of different lengths and patching methods for different server cabinet positions. In addition, we will also put labels on each patch cable and patch panel to make customer management easier

Server Installation & Configuration

Existing Server Maintenance

Do you already have a server, and your requirement is for server maintenance or are you looking to upgrade or replace an existing server? A fully qualified technician from the Bee System Server Installation & Configuration Solution will discuss your requirements fully, prepare a detailed report and assist in providing the most cost-effective, relevant, future proof solution for your business.

Server Installation & Configuration

Future Proof Your Server

By using the professional FLUKE measuring instrument DSX-8000 CableAnalyer to conduct a network speed test report for each CAT5E /CAT6 /CAT6A cable, the performance is guaranteed and customers can use it be at ease.

Server Installation & Configuration

Future Proof Your Server

In today’s rapidly changing world, delivering servers that are powerful and secure enough to run everything you need today isn’t enough. At Bee System Technology we will look at your business’ future IT requirements in detail before we recommend a bespoke solution for your organisation. Our aim is to keep your IT capability open-ended, ready for expansion as your business grows, requirements change and technology advances.

Server Installation & Configuration

Hardware Configuration

There are several hardware offerings in the marketplace and all of them need to be configured correctly ensuring the data and information they hold is safe, secure and accessible. The Bee System Technology team have vast experience and expertise across all the major Microsoft Server platforms.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your business server requirements whether you are looking to maintain, replace or are unsure. We will be very happy to help and offer valuable advice.

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